5 New Year Resolution for Parent towards Child : Let’s make it perfect for Children

New Year Resolution

“We as Parents have our Child as biggest gift of God in our Life. They keep us engaged, motivated, affectionate and caring. In short, they are the purpose of life.”

Now in this era of fast life, we are somewhere being behind for keeping the above statement live. Other responsibility, aspiration, liability is taking the place of parent ship.

& when it comes to new year, every year, we make some new year resolution and make it achieve.

This year let’s try to do in different way, in our Children’s way.

Let’s make our resolution a “NEW YEAR CHILD RESOLUTION” where we will make two resolution:
  1. A resolution that we will make a change/thing to happen to our child.

For e.g. I want my child to learn skating within this year.

  1. A resolution that is change in our self towards our child for i.e. we will make this change in our self for our child.

For e.g. I will not use mobile Phone in front of my child.

A Resolution for Child:

We want our child to do whatever is best suited for them.

Before deciding resolution for them, we should know our child and decide the resolution basis on their interest. /capability (PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE WITH OTHER CHILD AND DO RAT RACE).

Below are the some sample of resolution that we can decide for our children’s:

1. Sports
2. Food
3. Behavioral
4. Soft Skill
5. Health Related
6. Other Activities

New Y

This can be for getting something stopped also e.g. I want to restrict the mobile usage to 2 Hours per week for my child.

A Resolution for Parents:

When we are expecting so much from our children’s, give a pause and think what they expect from us.

When we are deciding the new year resolution, let’s have Child as our priority.
Now Digital devices eats up maximum time of our day. We give priority to Mobile then to our work and then to family and kids.

Let’s have resolution like- I will spend 2 Hours dedicated with my son/daughter Or I will have dinner with my child.

Further we can have resolution for:

  1. Dedicated Time

  2. Entertainment

  3. Money

  4. Toys and other Gifts

  5. Other

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