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Teeka-Child All Round Development has been crafted by Parents for the Parents to protect Progeny (Child).

Why Teeka?

Vaccination Chart​

Keeping kids Immunized and maintaining Vaccination details record​

Behavioral Tips

Many a times we find our kids not behaving properly and we start scolding them and then regret. Get some situations and Way-out from these.

health tips

General Tips

Routine activity always get evolved for kids, Know innovative ways to invent new Ways.

General tips

Health Tips

Very generic symptoms are not always Simple to be ignored and some worrisome like symptoms are usual. Simplify these things =with small but useful tips.

BMI Caculator

Know about ideal weight per you as well your kids by getting the BMI from Teeka!.

medical record

Health Record

Maintain Health record, prescription of you little one. You can refer that any time.


Kids Food Recipe

So many questions – Best nutrition food, what suits for Kids, what they like. Get answer to all of these questions by reading Kids food recipe.

Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day

Get daily dose of the useful information, whether its recipe , health tips or Vaccine info.


Vaccination Reminder

Never miss vaccination for your child.as punctuality is critical in this case. Set Reminder as per your convenience.


Videos and Entertainment

Child loves it the most. View some educational and entertaining videos on our YouTube channel.

with the Medium of Teeka! , we are trying to collaborate with Parents to give best grooming to their Children.
Shilky Jain
Author and a Mother



Great app...very useful for parents..!!!

Dr. Pooja Soni ( Dentist and A Mother )

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