Cute ChildChildren’s Food : All You need to Know

Children’s food  has now a days has become a big question Or rather problem for every mother.Every Mother thinks of feeding her child best suited food for him/her. there are several questions like : What should be best meal to make my kid normal weight ? What should be the diet plan for make child sporty? How can I make my child intelligent through food habits? How can I prevent or rather cure the diseases by just changing the diet of my children? and so on.

To get answer ,We keep reading  loads of recipe options which make us more confused toward the solution.

In this post , lets try to find the solution of this problem step by step. We will try to understand the below key point in brief in this post (which will be further elaborated into details  in next post on this blog).

“What should be the diet for our Child?”

So finally the Core Problem statement is  “What should be the diet for our Child”.We will cover below points in finding the solution:

Finding Solution :

  • Let us first know our Child  –

    When it comes to finding the best for our child, first we should try to make his/her profile basis on age,height & weight . Further we can categorise  it basis on the traits of our child. Below are some key groups that are popularly known :


  • Understanding the Food Recipe type explanation: 

Now we know our child’s Age-Weight-Height Profile , basis on the above profile we can define the diet for him/her. Below are some type of diets/recipe :

1.High Fat diet

2.Best protein Food

  • Details about the Nutrition from every element in the food
  • Time wise Daily Diet plan .
  • Best Suited Food for your Child
  • Ways to Feed your kid/How to make food interesting
Curing Disease through Children’s Food

Fast food Preparation at home

Side effects of Fast Food

Impact of  Food on Children’s Behaviour

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