Grain and Nuts

1) wheat -500 gm
2) rice -500 gm (Donot use Basmati… use boiled rice, its a variety of rice)
3) green moong dal – 500 gm
4) bhuni chana dal (fried gram) – 250 gm
5) 1 bowl Almonds
6) 1 bowl CashewNut


→Soak green moong dal for 2 hr and dry it
→Roast Wheat, rice, mong dal, chana dal (all separately)
→mix all things and get it fine grind. cerealac is done.. 🙂
How to feed this powder:
→Take 3 spoons powder and mix in 60 ml water and heat till 2-3 boils (become paste) then mix paste with sugar and milk.

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