In today’s age, children do not have to teach to operate mobile, they learn by themselves. And from the infancy of the young age, they start adopting the method of watching the mobile while eating food. Parents think that lets the kids eat something at least, get the stomach filled, eat fast, etc. etc. Even if they are becoming addict to watch the mobile.

Parents, though, feel that the baby is eating more because of the mobile, eat everything, eat it without worry, but the science that made the mobile says that mobile watching is more deadly than watching TV as It weakens the bones. The child’s mind is in the mobile, then by feeding the entire diet, his body will not take the same nutrient element which his body should get.

There can be two reasons for the parents to be satisfied about showing mobile to their kids. The first reason is that when a child gets hungry, if parents are very tired at that time, they think that feeding is just one task to be completed. It is not known to the parents that this habit will give them a lot of pain in the future.

Or the other reason may be that we are just taking this lightly and being over positive of the short term sign of our kid’s activity on mobile.
Apart from this, whatever reason is due to the fact that not only is the fact and but the arguments only
1 Our child is very intelligent, he has interest in mobile since childhood
2 Our child watches good video while eating, so that both his body and mind are strong
3 At least the manners are teaching that the food is eaten in one place etc

First of all you need to know that the children do not have to teach any thing, they look like they fit in their mind and understand them with understanding. So first of all you need to keep the mobile closed while eating food, no matter how important a call is coming. If not, keep it in the room

Second, change your thinking that feeding the children is like completing a job. This is that child, you have 9 months and some people have struggled for many years to live with. Today he has got the opportunity to live with him. You will also feel very well himself.

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