Children’s Food : All You need to Know

Cute baby food

Children’s Food : All You need to Know Children’s food  has now a days has become a big question Or rather problem for every mother.Every Mother thinks of feeding her child best suited food for him/her. there are several questions like : What should be best meal to make my kid normal weight ? What […]

Vomiting and Diarrhea : 3 Major Reasons and How to avoid those


Vomiting and Diarrhea : 3 Major Reasons Vomiting and Diarrhea are very common diseases among the Kids. Change in weather condition or drinking water quality are major reasons for these symptoms. It is extremely important to maintain hydration. In infants, continued breast feeding during diarrhea significantly reduces the risk of dehydration. Basic Care is required […]

4 Caring Tips for Winters.

    What should we take care of our Kids/Baby’s health when he/she is having fever and cold like symptoms? In case of fever, please record the temperature by placing thermometer in the armpit for at least 1 min. The normal body temperature is 37 Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit. Significant fever is when axillary temperature […]

Breastfeeding and Weaning

Avoid bottle feeding since there is high risk of infection in spite of using sterilization techniques.  Weaning food should be introduced around 6 months of age. In addition to breast-feeding, we can give liquids like cereal porridge (rice, suji, ragi, etc.), fruit juice, vegetable soup. Consistency should be gradually thickened to include soft semisolids like […]

Basic Hygiene :Critical Hygiene

Clean Genital area of your kid on daily basis, these areas are very prone to infection. Use Baby Soap or body wash to clean-up these areas. Post giving the bath to baby , wipe out all the water with a firm cloth. Many a time we leave these areas Wet ,which may cause infection. Use […]

Toilet: Indian style is most preferable.

Urine infection is very common problem in today’s children. Use Indian style toilet/position for precaution (highly advisable if using public toilet).   Direct contact to the seat with Genital Area may cause the infection . and also there will be better cleanliness in Indian style.   Hand wash is must post using the Toilet.   […]

Home Made Cerelac : Dry Fruits and Grains

Cerelac : Dry Fruits and Grains

Home Made Cerelac : Dry Fruits and Grains 1)Ragi – 1 cup 2)Bajra (kambu ) – 1 cup 3)Wheat – 1 cup 4)Orange Corn – 1 cup 5)White Corn – 1 cup 6)Red / Brown Rice – 1 cup 7)Green Gram – 1 cup 8)Chana Dal – 1 cup 9)Fried Gram – 1 cup 10)Urad […]

Home Made Cerealac: Grain and Nuts

Grain and Nuts

Ingredients:- 1) wheat -500 gm 2) rice -500 gm (Donot use Basmati… use boiled rice, its a variety of rice) 3) green moong dal – 500 gm 4) bhuni chana dal (fried gram) – 250 gm 5) 1 bowl Almonds 6) 1 bowl CashewNut Procedure:  →Soak green moong dal for 2 hr and dry it […]

Moong Dal Khichadi – Simple 4 Step Recipe

Moong Daal Khichadi

  Moong dal is very light and easy to digest. Take moong dal and rice in 1/2 ratio. Wash them 2-3 times then pressure cook. Mess it and add ghee and salt/sugar as per baby’s taste.

Boiled Potatoes

Green Vegetable Combo

Potatoes are full of carbohydrates so it is also a good choice for babies. Boil or pressure cook the potatoes and mess them with the help of fork then add a pinch of of salt.

Oatmeal Cereal


    Take a saucepan, add water and bring it to boil. Add oats and cook in simmer for 10 minutes. Once done, add bananas and mash well. Add formula or breast milk to get the desired consistency.

Barley Apple Porridge

Barley Apple Porridge

  Boil water in a saucepan and add barley. Cook in simmer for 10 minutes. Add an apple slices and cook on low heat for two minutes. Puree the contents using a hand blender.

Papaya Purée


  Papayas have a higher acidity than a lot of other fruits, so itʼs best to wait until your baby is 7 to 8 months old to introduce this fruit. The enzymes in papaya (and in pineapple) aid digestion, so this is a perfect food to help relieve your babyʼs constipation or tummy troubles. Simple […]

Sweet Potato Purée

Sweet Potato Puree

    Sweet Potato Purée is very simple and quick recipe. Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, so it makes sense that your baby can benefit from this delicious tuber, too. A simple purée with a touch of water or milk makes for a yummy and nutritious first food.   Recipe Steps: […]

Banana Purée

Banana Puree

Often called a “perfect” food, bananas are rich in potassium and fiber. Bananas are also known as one of natureʼs own antacids and are very gentle on the stomach. Peel a small banana and mess it with fork, add a little milk if necessary to thin down the consistency. But be careful not to overdo […]

Pea Puree

Peas are a small yet mighty source of nutrition, packing Vitamins A and C, iron,protein, and calcium. 1.Boil the peas and mess them well. 2.If the skin of the peas makes the texture less appealing for your child, make sure to strain them to make it as smooth as possible.

बुखार के समय ध्यान रखने योग्य बातें

बुखार के समय, बच्चे को हल्के कपड़े पहनाए रखें | ऊनी कपड़े से बचें जब तक बच्चे ठंडा महसूस न करें। एक इलेक्ट्रिक पंखे या एयर कंडीशनर के साथ कमरे को ठंडा रखें। अगर बुखार 101 एफ से अधिक है, तो 10 से 15 मिनट में पानी से शरीर को पोंछ दें। वैसे डॉक्टरों के […]

भोजन बनाने की विधि : सेरेलेक-1 – अनाज और दाल 

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