5 New Year Resolution Tips for Parent towards Child

New Year Resolution

  5 New Year Resolution for Parent towards Child : Let’s make it perfect for Children “We as Parents have our Child as biggest gift of God in our Life. They keep us engaged, motivated, affectionate and caring. In short, they are the purpose of life.” Now in this era of fast life, we are […]

Mobile Usage policy with Kids

                  Mobile Usage policy with Kids Mobile usage is now becoming our top priority. In this digital era, we need to make some rules to restrict our mobile usage.   We are are suggesting some as below: Please do not use mobile very much in front of […]

Team work : Parent Child – A Perfect Team

    Team work : Parent Child – A Perfect Team : It is advised to involve your little ones while doing something , they like contributing to their parent’s work. In this way , they will learn and you will be able to complete your work- So WIN WIN for both.

Quality Time : Kids Time

  Quality Time : Kids Time Spend dedicated time with your kid, Do not multi-task during that period. Enjoy as maximum as possible. There should be 3 events of proper conversation . Be child with your kid and play with them in their way. Both of you will enjoy these moments. Music and Dance should […]

Do not say “No”: Best way to deny a child something

Do not say “No”: Best way to deny a child something : Don’t Say single word “NO” for denying any thing. Being straight forward while denying to kids may create negative impact on his/her mid. it is advised always to use good/full sentence. Like “OH ye to gir gya”, “isse to kapde gande ho gye […]

Getting Expressive

Ask your little one to express that they also like you and love you. Expressing emotions is always good, This will give way to set mind-set in good way. Always talk to your kid, ask them ,answer them. Some kids are not very expressive ,they may sigh away for asking.

Every Kid is the BEST!

  Every Kid has its own quality, don’t compare them. Identify the strength of your kid and motivate them to boost the confidence. Other skills will automatically improve with time. So don’t worry and be happy.  

बुखार के समय ध्यान रखने योग्य बातें

बुखार के समय, बच्चे को हल्के कपड़े पहनाए रखें | ऊनी कपड़े से बचें जब तक बच्चे ठंडा महसूस न करें। एक इलेक्ट्रिक पंखे या एयर कंडीशनर के साथ कमरे को ठंडा रखें। अगर बुखार 101 एफ से अधिक है, तो 10 से 15 मिनट में पानी से शरीर को पोंछ दें। वैसे डॉक्टरों के […]

Handling Kids without scolding..

Handling Kids without Scolding has become now a big challenge. Hey Parents! How is your parenthood going on.Handling Kids is very difficult?? Happy!😊 Irritated 😢 Getting angry😑 Ok lets not get upset.. Your are doing world best duty..You are grooming the next generation. Although kids are very difficult to handle while grooming, but it’s very […]